Design is by nature an optimistic pursuit.
You have to believe.

The story of Robert Bailey Interiors must begin with the story of Robert Bailey. Growing up in Deep Cove, he was given two gifts rarely offered to children today: the freedom to explore and the time to dream. Here, young Robert's artistic abilities flowed as naturally and effortlessly as the days.

As a boy, he became fascinated with his surroundings. One of his favourite activities was the seed of his life's dedication. He would regularly rearrange the living room furniture, finding a new way to make the items work more beautifully together. It must have been a success, because when his mother would return home after each redesign, she'd look at his latest effort and agree that it was, in fact, better. The new furniture layout would stay.

Fast-forward a few decades and Robert has studied art, including drawing, painting and sculpture, completed an Interior Design program and has become a critical member of a large design firm. The invaluable experience gained in the established organization instilled in him an appreciation for the detail-focused nature of the management required to complete a project on time and on budget. He emerged from these years with an understanding of the value of time and money, both his and his clients'.

But with all his skills and successes, he still yearned to own his own firm, so Robert Bailey is now the principal of the interior design firm that bears his name. His work inspires him to understand what great design means to each person, and how to translate it into the tangible and intangible in a way so perfectly considered that it elevates the sense of purpose of that space. This is the delight in discovery that he brings to every project, and infuses this delight in the spirit of those who work with Robert Bailey Interiors.

Robert Bailey


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