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When we began designing the space for Foundlings, a retail store specializing in exclusive accessories, we knew that the environment had to be functional and inviting yet as distinctive as the products available for purchase.

Located in the Kitsilano neighbourhood of Vancouver, the store has a large glass frontage that is eye-catching day and evening. We developed an interior that was welcoming so customers have a desire to linger. The inspiration was old-time Hollywood glamour, reflected throughout the space and particularly in the mirrors, the art deco-inspired casework and the luxe feel. The custom-designed displays showcase the items as works of art, while contributing to the flow and feel of the space. The signature wall, with lily design, custom foil and dramatic pink inspired the brand elements. Lighting was designed to allow the shop to show well from day through evening. The result is a space that resonates as distinctive both day and night.

“We knew we needed a space, but what we got was a brand. Our shop's interior design was functional and fabulous — ideal for a retail environment such as ours. We loved the distinctive pink wall design so much that it became our brand's signature element. Our interior design captured the exact feel of Foundlings.”