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Often, when designing a project, we look for signature pieces, those that anchor the space and create a focal point. However when creating an environment such as a spa, our goal is quite different: unifying space and place and purpose to elevate the experience, without drawing attention to any one specific element.

We designed this LifeSpa spa and retreat in downtown Vancouver from a bare space, with a goal of infusing in it a calming atmosphere from the moment of arrival. As the first spa for this company, it was critical that we captured the ethos of their brand and beliefs in our design. To complement their vision for LifeSpa, we sourced natural materials such as bamboo to ground the feel and created a design that brought a freshness to each room.

LifeSpa's space and their theme 'deserving thyme' are reflected throughout their spa, drawing people in and drawing people back.

“Robert Bailey Interiors was able to translate the feel of our brand to the look of our space. Every element of our spa speaks to our brand. It's a seamless feel throughout.”