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This pied-a-terre was created for a couple that spends winters in Mexico. It's a 1,200 square foot (110 square metre) property with a 900 square foot (80 square metre) terrace overlooking the marina.

We refined the space from a two-bedroom suite to a one-bedroom home. With this extra space, we opened up the bath and had a shower incorporated as part of the bedroom.

Along with an extremely modern look, it was critical that their home be welcoming for friends, as the couple enjoys entertaining. The client loves colour, so we reflected this love in our design and choice of items. We incorporated limestone inside and out. In this less-is-more space, bright white and a lot of natural light define the home. To this suite, we added furniture that is modern, sculptural and textured. The residence is distinctive, contemporary yet welcoming, perfect for this couple's summers in Vancouver.

“What we love about this home is the way it brings the bright colours of our home in Mexico, to a completely different environment. It's light and bright and we just feel happy being here. It's a real reflection of who we are.”