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The Opus Hotel has never been predictable, and that sense of delight in discovery is what we wanted to convey when we designed the spaces in this destination hotel.

We sought to define suites by colour, to create rooms with a true personality and a point of view. Eschewing the traditional feel of a hotel, where every room is similar, if not identically designed, the Opus Hotel opted for an extreme variety, so its returning guests are treated to a fresh experience with every stay. Of the almost 100 rooms, we designed 16 separate plans, to provide both diversity as well as anticipation. Each room was inspired by a muse, and blends comfort with colour, to welcome the guest into a well planned and designed sanctuary.

“Robert Bailey Interiors was able to create distinct feels across all our rooms. Our guests come here for our service but also for our style. They expect an elevated level of taste, as well as something distinct. The interiors for every room delivered that perfect blend of comfort and contemporary feel that is synonymous with the Opus brand.”